Friday, October 28, 2011

The 24-hour Detox Diet

The process of detoxification is getting rid of all the harmful toxins that has build up in our bodies through the food we intake, the medicine we took or the alcohol we downed. Needless to say, detoxifying ourselves will not only flush these bad substances away, it will also help us be healthier and avoid those ailments and diseases, and eventually, live longer.

Of course, if you will have your way, you will not shell out a good portion of your earning or your savings just so you can try out a natural detox diet that works well for you and fits your lifestyle, too. Sources of information about these free detox diet can be found online and you only need to know the best way to get them and you can be on your way to detoxification at no cost at all!

The lowdown on 24-hour Detox Diet

  • This is a strictly-liquid-only diet, so solid food are not allowed

  • Get yourself a blender or a juicer to make this diet work for you

  • You can prepare a fruit juice by combining a kilo of spinach, a bunch of coriander and parsley and fresh drinking water. Make sure you prepare them fresh, storing in the freezer defeats the purpose of this diet

  • You can infuse coffee or tea into your diet but keep it to a minimum

  • Having the urge to go to the bathroom a few times in a day is a sign that detoxification is in process, so you need not have to worry!

This quick fix diet is specifically ideal for drinkers or smokers or those who just had one too many servings of shrimps last night he wants to flush it out of his body or he will fall ill. Following it a number of times in a year will also prove most ideal as this will ensure that the detoxification process was carried out and completed.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Basic Facts on Lemon Detox Diet

People think that becoming healthy is expensive. Perhaps, they are referring to fitness machines, diet supplements, gym classes and the like. However, if you think that way it will lead you nowhere. As beginners, we can start by infusing free detox diet in our daily meals. Free detox diet is not rocket science, all we need do to is to have at least the basic knowledge on which foods that can help us achieve our objective – to be healthy.

Let us start with lemon detox diet. Basically, lemon is the fruit that will always turn into lemonade or tea. Maybe, you already have an idea of its nutritional value and culinary value. Nonetheless, let us examine it closely.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) listed down its nutritional value per 100 g. It contains 2.8 g of dietary fiber, ideal for good digestion. Vitamin B complex is also present: Thiamine (3%), Riboflavin (2%), Niacin (1%), Pantothenic Acid (4%), Vitamin B6 (6%) and Folate (3%). These vitamins help us in the following: (1) improve metabolism; (2) maintain skin and hair; (3) tone muscles; (4) enhance immune and nervous system; (5) make cells healthy especially red blood cells; and (6) reduce chances of cancers. Furthermore, lemons have Vitamin C (64%), Iron (5%), Calcium (3%), Potassium (3%), Magnesium (2%), Phosphorous (2%) and Zinc (1%). These nutrients are likewise necessary in order for us to perform our daily activities.

Now let us know how much or how many should we consume?

Ideally, it is recommended that you start with lemon detox diet slowly. Too many lemons might cause stomach problems due to its acidic property. One can start by drinking (fresh) lemon juices about 2 – 3 liters on the first 3 days and approximately 2 glasses for breakfast. Once, your body is used to it you can increase your consumption by a half a liter a day.

Also remember to equip your lemon detox diet with healthy eating and living lifestyle.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Brown Rice, the Healthier Alternative

A lot of people have been choosing brown rice over its whiter alternative and what is not to love about it anyway? It has twice the fiber than its white sister and has powerful cleansing properties, as well, which is very good especially for those people who keep tabs on what they eat or are going bonkers on a diet to shake off the extra pounds.

You might be wondering why brown rice end up to be much healthier compared to white rice and why did it turn out to have more fiber content, too. The answer is in the milling. When milled, only the hull or the outer layer is removed from the brown rice which kept all the important fiber, vitamins and minerals in the grain, compared to its white counterpart that is stripped down of the bran and most of the germ layer where the essentials are located. Apart from that, brown rice also have Vitamin B and minerals including Magnesium and Selenium. And to top it all off, brown rice is also a powerful cleanser, containing high amount of fiber that is best for cleansing the colon, now being tapped for detox diets.

And for those rummaging the World Wide Web for free detox diet, this might just be the silver lining you are looking for. Incorporating your diet with brown rice detox diet need not be expensive and complicated. You simply need to use organic brown rice, which you have to cook very thoroughly for easy digestion, injecting it into your day-to-day diet. Brown rice is best soaked over night to soften the bran layer. Rid your diet with other unhealthy food choices and replacing them with fresh fruits, spices and herbs, juices and vegetable, and you could be saying goodbye to the “lbs” in no time.

Friday, August 5, 2011

5 Day Diet Plan

There are a lot of free detox diet plan available in the market today. However, if your aim is quick weight loss the 5 Day diet plan is the wisest choice. This diet plan aims to curb one’s craving for food by managing the blood sugar level. If the blood sugar in the body is level-out, there is certainly no need to worry about those food cravings which often leaves you eating those junky foods.

The 5 Day diet is also known as the Miracle diet. It is not an easy diet plan though but you will see miraculous results if you religiously adhere to the diet plan. To further understand why there is such thing as food cravings, take note of these two contributing factors: the time of the day and the kind of food that you eat. The diet will teach you how to overcome the cravings for unhealthy foods with caffeine, alcohol, sugar and starch.

A simple diet plan for the Miracle diet plan would include: a serving of protein and starch for breakfast. Then after two hours it can be followed by healthy snacks such as fruits and veggies. The most common choices among 5 day dieters are apples and celeries. During lunch time it will be one serving of vegetables and protein. Fruit with high sugar is allowed for snacks. Again for dinner, it will be a serving of protein-rich food and vegetables. A small amount or portion of whole grains can be taken every other day or it could be your choice of potatoes or beans.

When planning to do a weight loss diet plan, it is best to compare the methods available and decide on which one is best suited for your lifestyle. Before going on a diet plan, seek medical advice especially if there are health considerations.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Free Detox Diet in a Glimpse

Feeling heavy, sickly or always tired? Perhaps, you need to pamper yourself. Leave your worries behind. Unload or release the toxicity within you! There are two obvious ways to do these. First, you either subject yourself to self meditation, discipline or strict philosophy of having positive outlook in life. Second, is to subscribe to a free detox diet. The latter is easier; however, the question is “how to do a detox diet”?

Let us define first detoxification, which is the process of removing unwanted materials or toxins in our body. So what are those toxins? Simply put, everything we consume and yet unable to be utilized by our body are stored up within; pile up and expand our skin. The most obvious example is fats. Whether we like it or not, we need a certain percentage in order to provide us the energy for our active lifestyle. However, going beyond the recommended allowance obesity is just one consequence. Another example would be too much accumulation of salt in our body. This might cause us kidney problems – stones in particular.

To detoxify has two ways either to go conventional (e.g. surgery, laser treatment, etc.) or to go unorthodox (e.g. VCO, herbal medicines, oriental medication, etc.). Between the two the latter is much cheaper. All you have to do is to identify the right herbs and plants that will help you literally cleanse your body. For example, garlic, ginger and pepper are good fat burners. Another example would be papaya, mango, watermelon and pumpkin. These fruits and veggies are diuretic in nature, which help you eliminate solid and fluid wastes. Likewise, they are good source of fiber as well which helps transport unwanted bodies to our excretory system.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How To Get Detox Diet Tips for Free

Detox diet, or detoxification diet, is that type of diet wherein you go through a series of cleansing and ridding your body of harmful stuffs and toxins that have build up over the years due to constant consumption of food + beverages that could very well be the source of these toxins.

A lot of people would actually spend a fortune just to find the right detox diet that suit them well, but do you know that you nearly do not have to spend a fortune on a very effective detox diet that can very well be the answer to your life-long dieting woes, in fact, you do not even have to shell out a penny! Unbelievable, not exactly as there are loads of resources available out there where you can get free detox diet. All you really have to do is be a little creative and resourceful. How? Here, let me show you:

  • The cheapest and easily the fastest way to gain access to a free detox diet is to ask someone you know, a friend, a family member, a partner perhaps, about their effective detoxification method. Here you’ll have access to firsthand information and will get a chockfull of tips and how-to’s coming from the people who actually tried and tested that specific detox regimen. Apart from that, you will also be privy to effective and convenient modifications these people made on their methods to suit their needs and specifications best.
  • Loads of information on detox diets is a-dime-a-dozen at the touch of your fingertips with the aid of your reliable internet connection. You can choose among the wide arrays of methods and regimen listed, posted and updated by users worldwide daily. Of course, you have to practice discretion on which ones to try. Not most recommendation will prove to and most would probably be paid advertisements too, so be very careful. Choose wisely as to which you would likely adapt as your personal detox diet regimen.
  • For a small sum, you can also visit your able medical practitioner or dietician to assist you in which detox diet to start with. The ones highly recommended by experts are the ones most likely to have a very positive effect on you. You might still consider them free since you would only be paying for your doctor’s consultation fee as compared to purchasing a detox diet package which can actually burn a whole in your pocket.

Whichever case you prefer, it is still best to live healthy to be healthy, and to begin your detoxification process, you might consider trying out these easy steps first:

  • Drink eight to ten glasses of water daily. You can also try drinking herbal teas or herbal supplements.
  • Consume as much fiber as you can. Good source of it include brown rice and organic fruits and veggies
  • To improve your circulation, do deep breathing exercise
  • Keep your body on the move and exercise as much to keep your body sweating and rid of all the toxins the easiest way

Friday, October 8, 2010

Free Detox Diet: Is it really Safe?

Apart from the numerous methods of finding ways and means to keep a fit and healthy lifestyle, the world is continuously moving in its undying quest towards perfecting aesthetic beauty, hence, the sprout of a new diet trend known as the free detox diet, getting its popularity amongst teens, hottest celebrities and socialites in the metro, is said to be (as claimed by its supporters) the best and most convenient way of losing weight and keeping your body hale and hearty. But the question lies here, is it really safe for human consumption?

Detoxify, comes from the greek word toxikon (poison), a method which primarily focuses on preventing the poisonous substance to become detrimental to human body, or counter its harmful effects. Hence, a key principle in a detox diet regimen, that includes ingesting large amounts of purified water and tea, fasting, eating raw, home grown unprocessed fruits, vegetables, and herbs, and even medical procedures such as colonic therapy (cleansing enema), which were believed to be beneficial and crucial in unclogging your system of unwanted rubbish and toxins that have been accumulated by your body through unhealthy diet, smoking, drugs, and alcohol. On the other hand, wheat, meat, fish, eggs, salt, sugar, caffeine, and dairy products are banned from this austere cut back so as to speak.

Many were blinded by the promising and appealing health benefits once you maintain your diet on a strict pace, such as losing horrible cellulite, maintaining a younger looking skin, and a renewed and healthier mind and body, and lastly, preventing and/or treating chronic illnesses.

But here's the truth: our body is designed to eliminate its own garbage whenever it senses the need to do so. Thus, the most trendy diet program has been convicted of several harmful side effects.

First, detox diet is contraindicated in individuals with medical conditions. People with heart disease, diabetes, eating disorders, renal failure, liver disease and other chronic diseases are most likely in dire need of as much nutrients they can get from the three food groups in order for them to survive their illnesses.

Second, this diet is also not for teens. During adolescent stage, the period of growth and development for youngsters, the teenagers are highly active and productive and indulge themselves into outdoor activities such as sports and hiking, in which they need a lot of protein and energy that primarily comes from the foods that are being omitted from detox diet such as meat, fish eggs, dairy and wheat.

Third, it is highly addictive. Since a lot of delicious foods are removed from the daily diet, one will most likely indulge to smoking and drinking alcohol to cover up for the losses thereby creating new room for additional diseases.

Fourth, detox supplements have side effects especially with the use of laxatives during cleansing enema. Experts say that chronic use of laxatives will lead to rebound constipation which could be very frustrating.

And lastly, since it's only a short term program, from a period of 7 days to a month, after restricting oneself from his favorite cravings will definitely cram for it, leaving unwarranted bumps on the body.

Detox diets are not answered prayers in preventing or curing chronic diseases, nor freeing your body of the bad stuff. If you want to stay healthy, the best way is go back to basics: eat a well balanced diet, that includes go, grow, and glow foods. Also, keep yourself moving through exercise. A brisk walking for thirty minutes every day could be helpful. It may sound hilarious to many, as to different variations of diets that were known to humans, but its your best shot to get you on the go. Bon appetite, everyone!