Friday, August 5, 2011

5 Day Diet Plan

There are a lot of free detox diet plan available in the market today. However, if your aim is quick weight loss the 5 Day diet plan is the wisest choice. This diet plan aims to curb one’s craving for food by managing the blood sugar level. If the blood sugar in the body is level-out, there is certainly no need to worry about those food cravings which often leaves you eating those junky foods.

The 5 Day diet is also known as the Miracle diet. It is not an easy diet plan though but you will see miraculous results if you religiously adhere to the diet plan. To further understand why there is such thing as food cravings, take note of these two contributing factors: the time of the day and the kind of food that you eat. The diet will teach you how to overcome the cravings for unhealthy foods with caffeine, alcohol, sugar and starch.

A simple diet plan for the Miracle diet plan would include: a serving of protein and starch for breakfast. Then after two hours it can be followed by healthy snacks such as fruits and veggies. The most common choices among 5 day dieters are apples and celeries. During lunch time it will be one serving of vegetables and protein. Fruit with high sugar is allowed for snacks. Again for dinner, it will be a serving of protein-rich food and vegetables. A small amount or portion of whole grains can be taken every other day or it could be your choice of potatoes or beans.

When planning to do a weight loss diet plan, it is best to compare the methods available and decide on which one is best suited for your lifestyle. Before going on a diet plan, seek medical advice especially if there are health considerations.

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